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        1. Welcome to the website of Shanghai Yoongoo Network Technology Co., Ltd!
          1. Huawei, ZTE, NetStar, Yoongoo, Ali and China Video Experience Alliance announced
          2. ISO27001 Certification for Information Security Matters in Software Development
          3. ISO9001 Certification for Software Development in Information and Communication
          4. Awarded the title of High-tech Enterprise
          5. Good News: Yoongoo Named Finalist for the 2016 Entrepreneurship in Shanghai Comp
          6. Yoongoo Supports Smooth Release of People's Daily's "Omni-Media News Hall&q
          7. Integrated Video Development for A Winning Product
          8. Complementary Advantages and Services for A New Ecosystem
          9. Yoongoo Entered Strategic Cooperation with TV189 & Ali Sports

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           Shanghai Yoongoo Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015,

           Is a focus on providing innovative  ....

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