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        1. Welcome to the website of Shanghai Yoongoo Network Technology Co., Ltd!
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          >> Huawei, ZTE, NetStar, Yoongoo, Ali and China Video Experience Alliance announced 2019-11-25
          >> ISO27001 Certification for Information Security Matters in Software Development 2019-11-25
          >> ISO9001 Certification for Software Development in Information and Communication 2019-11-25
          >> Awarded the title of High-tech Enterprise 2019-11-25
          >> Good News: Yoongoo Named Finalist for the 2016 Entrepreneurship in Shanghai Comp 2016-09-27
          >> Yoongoo Supports Smooth Release of People's Daily's "Omni-Media News Hall&q 2016-06-20
          >> Integrated Video Development for A Winning Product 2016-05-18
          >> Complementary Advantages and Services for A New Ecosystem 2016-04-20
          >> Yoongoo Entered Strategic Cooperation with TV189 & Ali Sports 2016-02-20

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