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        1. Welcome to the website of Shanghai Yoongoo Network Technology Co., Ltd!
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          About Yoongoo

          Founded in 2015, Shanghai Yoongoo Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Yoongoo) is a company dedicated to video solutions and services. The company's core management team is from the top companies in the TMT (tech, media, communications) field, has a deep understanding of IPTV, OTT, CDN, smart terminals, video communications & cloud computing & rich system construction and service experience.

          Through the combination of cloud & video technology, Yoongoo continues to introduce innovative technologies, end-to-end products and solutions, including IPTV, mobile TV, and interactive Live classroom, live video, video code transcoding products, CDN products, mobile client, etc.


          Tel: 021-68750858

          Email: admin@yoongoo.com

          Add.: Room 701, No.19, Lane 1650, Jinxiu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

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